New Review, Lesson Plans, and Issues in the Scientific Press

New Review:

The many faces of Cell Death
Important advances have been made in this area of Biology. Cell death is necessary during several normal cellular processes, however too much or too little cell death promotes or causes disease like cancer. The most studied mechanisms of cell death are apoptosis, necrosis, and autophagy. As research in this field progresses new variations of cell death are being documented. This review focuses on the major ways the cell dies and the interactions among them.


Read about the latest in the Scientific Press:

Ecology and Behavior
Why are bee populations decreasing?

The Circadian Cycle is involved in regulating brain plasticity

Revision of the origins of eukaryotes, Lokiarchaeota is the closets relative to eukaryotes

Gene therapy
Promising technique to prevent the inheritance mitochondrial DNA mutations


New lesson Plans:

The Tree/Web of Life for High School
Professional Development at the Plainsboro Preserve

These lesson plans are based on the middle school curriculum and some of them use primary literature results. We have considered linear progressions, the NGSS, Bloom taxonomy, and several pedagogical techniques like UBD, web diagramming, inquiry, and PBL.