ceilingMini-lectures explain important concepts in biology, and refocus established interpretations of past results by incorporating new scientific evidence. Participants are encouraged to comment or ask questions in the comments area below each lecture. Mini-lectures will often supplement the forum topics.

Potential future topics:

  • Bacteria versus eukaryotic gene structure
  • Gene regulation and epigenetics
  • Bacteria and food poisoning
  • Genetics and development
  • Tinkering in evolution
  • Great transformations during evolution
  • Extinctions versus explosion: The geological approach
  • Convergence in Island evolution radiation: red queen
  • Bacterial control of the immune system: Eat your fiber?

Protein Synthesis
Protein Synthesis This mini-lecture focus on how the genetic code is used to go from structural genetic information in the DNA to ...
Evolution 3: Mendel and Genetic variety
Evolution 3: Mendel and Genetic variety Mendel’s theory of particulate inheritance, the Laws of inheritance, and genetic variability.
Evolution 2: Darwin's tenets
Evolution 2: Darwin’s tenets Darwin’s contribution was explaining evolution by proposing Descent with modification and Natural Selection…
Evolution 1: Evidence
Evolution 1: Evidence This first lecture in a series of 14 gives an overview of the evidence for evolution.
The basics of stem cell biology
The basics of stem cell biology This mini-lecture covers the basic concepts of stem cell biology and revises the main uses of stem cells in therapeutics.
Eukaryotic genomic architecture
Eukaryotic genomic architecture In this mini-lecture we explore the structure and the function of several components of the eukaryotic genome. How do we ...
Signaling and developmental processes
Signaling and developmental processes “The causality of developmental processes lies at the cellular and molecular level.” This mini-lecture explains this concept starting from ...