Professional Development: The Nature of Science & Science in Nature in NYC

This professional development course offers science teachers the opportunity to bring current scientific knowledge and the nature of scientific thinking and practices into their classrooms.

  1. Discover new scientific, cognitive, and pedagogical advances, and how to incorporate them into your teaching.
  2. Explore how to promote the study of science in its natural habitat and connect students to local natural settings.
  3. As a team of educators, produce collaborative lesson plans and curricula that align to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Blooms taxonomy, and constructivist list of students abilities and skills.
  4. Incorporate curricular and pedagogical practices that maximize student learning, for example: Understanding By Design (UBD), Problem Based Learning (PBL).

The Nature of Science & Science in Nature course is a 12 session hybrid course, with in-person sessions at Columbia University Morningside campus once a week and online sessions through The Owlet website. February 23th introductory session.