The World of Fungi


Decomposing Fungi Diversity in Central New Jersey
Decomposing Fungi Diversity in Central New Jersey January 6, 2024Fungi diversity in Central New Jersey
Fungi in Biotechnology_Technological applications
Fungi in Biotechnology_Technological applications July 1, 2020In part two of fungi in biotechnology, we explore how fungi are used to produce antibiotics and other pharmaceutical…
Fungi in Biotechnology_Food Production
Fungi in Biotechnology_Food Production April 23, 2020Humans have employed fungi to make foods for thousands of years; people….
Fungi nutrient acquisition
Fungi nutrient acquisition January 10, 2019Fungi have evolved many physiological and biochemical adaptations in order to use every kind of carbon source on the planet. The ability of obtaining nutrients…
Fungi’s Cell Structure.
Fungi’s Cell Structure. December 2, 2018Fungi are eukaryotes and as such they share many cellular features with other eukaryotes. However, there are some unique features….
What do all fungi have in common?
What do all fungi have in common? October 3, 2018In the soil beneath our feet there are underground ecosystems form by fungi that supports life on Earth….
Fungi’s evolution and diversity
Fungi’s evolution and diversity September 1, 2018What does the word fungus bring to mind? For many people moldy bread, athlete’s foot, or a delicious meal. The world of the fungi is much more than that, this kingdom contains billions of species living in every biome on ...